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  • October 28, 2020
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    Updated On: Oct 06, 2020

    “We feel that Joe Biden is the best choice for the IBEW because he has taken the time to listen

    to what our members have to say about the biggest challenges facing our country. And that

    makes me confident that IBEW members will always have a seat at the table in a Biden


    -- Lonnie R. Stephenson, IBEW President, 2/6/20

    “Lonnie, I can’t thank you enough, for you guys all the way back in February endorsing me. I

    promise you. I promise you. I promise you: I will not let you down,” he said. “You’ve been with

    me my whole career. You’re the folks I grew up with. You’re the backbone of the country.

    You’re the people who keep this engine running. Wall Street didn’t build America; you built

    America.” 1

    --Joe Biden, to the IBEW’s 2020 Campaign Kick-Off, 7/8/20

    Labor Standards

    Vice President Biden has stood with unions and marched in solidarity2 with striking workers3 his

    entire career. Before he left the Senate in 2008 and entered the White House as vice president,

    he had a 100% voting record on working family issues in 2007 and a lifetime voting rating –

    over 35 years – of 85 percent. 4

    Joe Biden outlines his labor advocacy in his Empower Workers Plan. 5

    He explicitly states support for:

    • The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which will protect workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively and increase penalties on companies that interfere with that basic right
    • Encouraging and incentivizing unionization and collective bargaining
    • Extending the right to organize and bargain collectively to independent contractors
    • Upholding project labor agreements
    • Investing in communities by widely applying and strictly enforcing prevailing wages on all federally-supported infrastructure and transportation projects
    • Creating a cabinet-level working group that will focus solely on promoting union organizing and collective bargaining in the private and public sectors
    • Banning “right-to-work” (state laws prohibiting unions from collecting dues)
    • Increasing workplace safety and health by reinstating occupational and safety standards weakened under the current administration

    Joe Biden was an original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that would

    have made it easier for workers to organize through card-check, which is included in the PRO

    Act. 6

    Joe Biden believes the federal government should not only defend workers’ right to organize and bargain collectively but also encourage collective bargaining.


    “It seems to me that when pensions collapse, communities collapse. So it would be in the

    overwhelming interest of the taxpayer to make sure that pensions are sustained. This is about

    strengthening communities. We can sustain and maintain communities with pensions.”

    --Joe Biden, IBEW Political and Legislative Affairs Conference, 11/13/19

    Joe Biden supports passage of the Butch Lewis Act, which will help troubled multiemployer

    pension plans. 13


    “Vice President Joe Biden’s clean energy plan is more than just an ambitious and comprehensive

    blueprint to combat climate change and put our country on the path to a sustainable

    future. It is a massive investment in millions of American jobs, doing everything from

    rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure to retrofitting tens of thousands of homes and offices.”

    --Lonnie R. Stephenson, IBEW President, 7/14/20

    Joe Biden appointed President Stephenson to his Climate Engagement Advisory Council,

    demonstrating his commitment to ensuring the IBEW has a seat at this table.

    Biden’s clean energy infrastructure plan creates jobs in nearly every sector of the workforce IBEW

    represents: construction, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and railroad. 14

    The Clean Energy Infrastructure Plan highlights include:

    • 1 million new jobs created in domestic auto supply chains and infrastructure, including parts, materials and electric vehicle charging stations
    • $2 trillion first-term total infrastructure investment, the plan aims to lay a new foundation for global competition and sustainable growth15
    • 4 million building efficiency retrofits
    • 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations


    Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan aims to harness the skills of American workers to build a more

    resilient, sustainable economy. 16

    His investment actions will include:

    • Updating a degraded infrastructure by building electricity grids, water systems, bridges, roads, rail lines and other transportation networks
    • Promoting domestic energy security by tapping into America’s clean energy sources, including hydro, solar, wind and nuclear, and technologies like battery storage and carbon capture and sequestration
    • Creating 1 million new jobs in domestic auto supply chains and infrastructure, including parts, materials and electric vehicle charging stations, and ensures the workforce installing EV infrastructure is properly trained in high quality programs like the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) 17
    • Commercializing new technologies, including battery storage, negative emissions technologies, next-generation building materials, renewable hydrogen and advanced nuclear, ensuring that they are made in America


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